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Which Way do Deer Travel?

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Something I never pay attention to is, does a deer travel in the morning from north to south or south to north or do they just travel any direction?

This is a great question.

Whether during the morning, noon or night…most often, deer travel with the wind blowing in their faces or simply “into the wind.”

The reason deer do this is so they can “wind” or smell everything ahead. This allows deer to avoid dangerous situations.

Although deer prefer to travel with the wind in their faces, on occasion deer will travel with cross winds, which blow from one side to another. The currents from cross winds will still alert deer to any dangers from left or right.

But, I have seen deer travel with the wind at their backs for a couple of reasons.

It can happen when they are being pursued.

Plus, on my deer hunting land, I have watched deer run to food plots with the wind at their backs. This is usually for very short distances. And, as soon as they hit the field, they immediately turn their noses back into the wind.

Next time you notice deer running north or south (or any direction) when you are out deer hunting, see which way the wind is blowing. It’s likely the deer is heading into the wind.

Good Luck and Great Hunting!

Marty Prokop

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